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My Snowy Wedding

When I look back at my wedding day, I can't help but think of just how wonderful it was! My husband Thomas and I were married in December in Estes Park, CO. The night before our wedding we received about a foot of snow. It was SO us and so wonderful to be able to share the adventure with our friends & family, especially those coming from warm climates. And, naturally, the white snow gave us the most picturesque wedding. I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to JXC Photo for going on a VERY cold (-12° F cold), VERY snowy adventure with us! They captured our day so wonderfully.

We were a bit unconventional in how we planned our wedding, pulling everything together in exactly three months. But with a lot of spreadsheets and weekly planning, we did it! From a beautiful venue (The Historic Crags Lodge) to our lovely cakes (Nothing Bundt Cake), as far as I'm concerned it was practically perfect. As a musician, I knew that music was something that would be something that was really important, creating the atmosphere when guests arrive, but also serving as the guiding element of the event, cuing our guests to each phase of the ceremony.

As a musician, I was thankful to be able to invite friends from various phases of my life's journey to be a part of the celebration. We had cheery clarinet duets for the prelude and recessional, setting the mood for the event as one of celebration! A dear friend played solo Bach on the violin for the processional, adding the perfect touch of elegance.

And, finally, because it was important to my husband and I, we included three hymns interspersed throughout the ceremony, led by a vocalist and accompanied by the musicians who performed in the other parts of the ceremony. We absolutely LOVED being able to work with the musicians, to create a ceremony that was so special to us and our guests. All in all, the day wouldn't have been complete without these musicians, who are a part of the many fond memories I carry with me from that day.

At Cairn Music we provide the same level of customization. Do you have a song you've always dreamed of walking down the aisle to? Let us know! Do you have a special part of the ceremony you want accompanied by music? We'd love to work with you! Contact me today at

Are you already married? Let us know in the comments, how music played a special part in YOUR wedding day.

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