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Music to Remember

There are so many things to love about music, but one of my favorite things is how it can just bring us back to a special time and place. While we had live music for our wedding ceremony, we created a playlist for the reception, which we still use for the occasional living room dance party. Every time we turn it on, it brings us back to our special day, which we both love!

But a lot of couples getting married use music personal to them to make their wedding day special. Do you and your partner have a song? A favorite movie? We'd love to partner with you in making your event one to remember by integrating your personalized music choices into your ceremony or reception.

In a recent survey we conducted at Cairn Music, I LOVED hearing how brides made their wedding special through music. Here are a few samples of what they said:

"Live music adds a whole additional element of energy and emotion"

"I had fun picking out every single song that played at my whole wedding! I typically do not care for the standard music played at weddings, so this made it very personalized. Each selection had meaning and memories behind it."

"I wanted something special to us, and prerecorded music didn't seem to cut it. [I selected] a piece that was special to my husband and myself, arranged by a friend for a string quartet. So it was very personalized."

"We were so grateful to have beautiful live music, and everyone we asked did a wonderful job."

"I wanted to create a warm & welcoming atmosphere at our wedding, with music special to my husband and I, and was so happy with the ambiance created by the live musicians."

And when I think back on the weddings I've attended & performed at over the years, the ones that stick out to me the most are the ones where the music was personal to the couple. Contact us today to help make your wedding or event, one to remember!

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